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Consistency and replication is the hallmark of a great sales organization. Effective sales coaching is a key to developing a teams full potential. Unfortunately, many sales managers do not get the training needed to become a great sales manager. They typically become managers of the day to day operations and not the leader who builds other leaders. Eventually, everyone in the organization gets frustrated with the lack of results.

Sales managers must learn a new set of skills related to “coaching” and “managing.” There are a number of barriers that prevent new sales managers from performing at the levels they did as a sales star.

New managers get caught in the management trap. (spreadsheets, expense forms, forecasting etc.) and fail to coach and mentor.

  • New managers coach in their own personality style and need training on how to motivate and manage other personalities.
  • New managers coach to what made them successful as sales people. Coaching toward the goal of interdependency among the team is vital for exceptional sales performance.
  • New managers typically need help with the science of sale process, communicating competitive differentiation, and fact based decision making.
  • New manager must learn how to develop trust and collaboration with their sales team, customers, and executive management.

Sales manager training and 1-on-1 coaching with a mentor will produce significant results that typically generate desired, sustained, and long-term results! Managers that learn to mentor and coach outperform their peers. They become the foundation and a companies greatest competitive advantage–well disciplined, process oriented sales professionals who can clearly communicate the companies competitive differences.

The PerformONE Sales Manager Training programs will teach managers how to maximize the potential of their teams and turnaround under-performers. This is a step by step process beginning with the hiring process and developing accountability models.


  • Develop an internal coaching program and tools
  • Develop a robust system to measure pipeline and forecast accuracy
  • Map the life cycle of a prospect for greater conversion rates
  • Map the sales process to get consistent, replication, and accountability
  • Develop a system to coach and turnaround under-performers
  • Learn how the best organization hire and recruit
  • Motivate and inspire through coaching
  • Teach sales reports how to develop trust and collaboration
  • Learn new reward systems that get sales people to buy in to KPI’s

The program is customized to each individual and sales organization. Call today for a FREE evaluation or personal assessment of your coaching skills.

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