Sales Leadership Training 101

Achieving Sales Excellence Workbook

Prepare to maximize your performance.  Most of us fall short not because we lack desire, but because we lack the training. Consistency and replication is the hallmark of a great sales organization. Effective sales coaching is a key to developing a teams full potential. Unfortunately, many sales managers do not get the training needed to become a great sales manager.


  • Develop an internal coaching program and tools
  • Develop a robust system to measure pipeline and forecast accuracy
  • Map the life cycle of a prospect for greater conversion rates
  • Map the sales process to get consistent, replication, and accountability
  • Develop a system to coach and turnaround under-performers
  • Learn how the best organization hire and recruit
  • Motivate and inspire through coaching
  • Teach sales reports how to develop trust and collaboration
  • Learn new reward systems that get sales people to buy in to KPI’s

 “Bruce taught us how to execute and maximize our resources”  – Bryan S, South Carolina



  • 12 Modules Curriculum
  • Membership Resources
  • Videos
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Workbooks

Bruce Riggs, MBA Bruce has written several books including the popular “I Didn’t Sign Up To Be in Sales”.  Winner of multiple awards from Fortune 100 companies. Recognized as a leader in the coaching profession and serves on several advisory boards.

Unleash The Power of Coaching™  Simply put, great businesses are built with great employees. We help sales professionals grow and thrive. Every day, companies ranging from small business to the Fortune 500 leaders, choose to partner with us. We take time to listen and understand the business objectives and issues you face, and providing training, coaching and mentoring to meet those head-on.


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