First Impressions Win The Day!

Remember your first date?  Remember how much time you spent looking your best before leaving?  Well…your website should get the same amount of attention…First impression can win the day!

Your website is one of the first things potential clients will see when they learn about your business. While it might not seem fair, clients will often judge a company by its online presence. Because of this, it’s incredible important that you take every possible step to ensure that your website not only appeals to visitors, but that it works for you, as well. This means that even if you aren’t constantly updating your website, you can take certain measures to ensure that each client has a positive experience on your website. Not only should your website entice visitors to continue browsing, but it should be easy for customers to connect with you, as well.

Encourage Customers to Join Your Mailing List

One of the quickest ways to contact customers when you’re offering a new product or service is to email them. You can’t do this if you don’t have their email address, so ask potential clients to join your mailing list. Place your sign-up box in a visible place on your website. If possible, consider offering some sort of incentive for clients who do sign up. You could give out a coupon or even a free eBook as a “thank you.” Though giving out a small gift is very inexpensive for you, it can have a dramatic impact on encouraging new visitors to sign up. Also consider that even if someone doesn’t make a purchase during their initial visit to your website, they might later choose to make a purchase as a result of one of your mailings.

Share As Much Information As Possible

When someone visits your website, they want information.  They want EDUCATION.  They want to know what you’re selling, why they need your services or product and why they should trust your company. The more information you share, the more trustworthy you’ll become to your customers. Consider adding a page that includes the history of your company or organization. You could talk about what led you to start your business or why you believe in your company’s mission. Make sure each service or product offered also includes an in-depth description, as well. When someone feels like they understand your company’s mission and purpose, they’ll feel connected. This connection can often lead to sales and a long-term relationship with the client.

Make it Easy

When you create a company website, chances are that you want to impress your customers. This is natural.

Unfortunately, sometimes “impressive” can translate into “confusing.” Make sure that your website is easy to navigate. If you have too many visuals on your main page, customers may become overwhelmed and stop reading. Similarly, if your website is difficult to navigate and information isn’t readily available, clients may become frustrated. Make sure that your company history, services or products, contact information and social media links are all readily accessible on your business’ main page.  As you can tell from – I struggle with wanting to add to much content.  There is a balance.  Keep working and testing…

No matter what type of company you’re running, your website can be a fantastic way to attract and keep new clients. Instead of constantly worrying about grabbing the attention of your customers, consider these tips as useful ways to make your website work for you. Just a few simple changes can result in new sales and fresh clients who return again and again.

Do good work!



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