I Still Believe in American Exceptionalism

Creating a business in America is still a great plan!  Much has been said about the state of business in the USA. Those most deeply embedded in US businesses are reliable sources of the true status of why the USA is still the best place to create a business. The ideals of American exceptionalism embody the special character of this uniquely American country, a free nation, founded upon ideals of personal liberty and democracy.  I pray that America continues to honor these noble ideals.

When many immigrants become US citizens, they find their niche in small businesses, some of which expand to larger corporations. This is the impetus upon which American exceptionalism is validated. When business minds are free to take the direction of their choice and strive for success, the freedoms America offers is their key to achievements beyond their wildest imaginations. This is why I still believe in American exceptionalism.  All have the opportunity and the ticket to participate. (Even a kid from Rogers County, Oklahoma!)

“I am an American Business Owner”

Creating a business in America is as simple as bringing a good idea to the table and expanding them to assure a seamless plan of business operation and sales strategy. When you say, “I am an American business owner,” that statement is a proclamation of the ability to design, plan and create a business with growth potential.  More important, it is a proclamation that I have the guts to chase the American dream and not depend on the government for all my happiness!

The First Priority

The first priority for any business is to get sales. Small to Mid-size businesses know the importance of sales and sales training as a key to continued, stable growth.  Sorry that sounds so self serving – but it is the truth.  Without sales (top line revenue) there are no resources to grow your business.

Sales Training & Development – The First Step

Imagine any business project without sales professionals. This is similar to a cell phone without a transmitting cell tower. The first step in business is a solid sales unit that has been properly trained. Excellent sales training programs offer in depth studies that include:
. Customer communication
. Customer needs analyses
. Maintaining a flourishing sales pipeline
. Opening and closing sales
. Effective sales presentations and promotions
. Effect of advertising on sales and customers
. Efficient sales order processing, delivery and customer satisfaction
. Links between sales to business objectives
. Understanding the link between sales and marketing professionals

We believe in order to provide comprehensive sales training, a focus on attitude, skills, planning, and communication needs to be effective. This is true for inside and outside types of sales.

For sales leaders and managers, training courses include strategic planning of sales campaigns and advertising and promotions. Also included in these training courses is a full study of the difference between marketing and sales, marketing research and marketing development.

The Keys to Creating Your Business

Creating a business always begins with personal ambition and a dynamic drive as strong as a high-powered engine. Look within yourself for the kind of ambition that is based on boundless energy and a thirst to create and build a tiny idea into a full-scale enterprise.

Within the stream of consciousness of every ambitious, driven business mind is the core of sales that spawns a worthwhile public offering customers can’t resist and feel an overwhelming need to purchase.

The keys to great salesmanship are predicated upon successful strategies and sales management. Four keys of sales success are discussed by CEO Howard Tullman for Inc.com. Ref: http://www.inc.com/howard-tullman/four-keys-to-sales-success.html

For most successful sales consultants, selling is as natural as teaching a subject. Successful sales people don’t really “sell” to sales prospects. Instead, they teach and provide insight. Winning sales is a by-product of providing educational value upfront and truly having a solution that achieves the outcomes of the prospective customer. Top sales people possess ambition and drive to become experts and authorities in their given field.

In tandem with marketing research, sales winners possess the capability of using marketing information to their best advantage during sales openings and sales closings. Often, these sales professionals use marketing research data to examine their sales pipelines for gaps and review target markets to observe growth areas and less lucrative areas.

However, top sales professionals know even the least lucrative target market can be revived with creative sales solutions and create an opportunity to increase the lifetime value of that customer.

Sales Training Covers All Bases

Sales trainees also need to learn how to create sales by enhancing their ability to provide excellent customer service. This includes efficient processing of sales orders and insuring timely delivery of goods/services. Finally, the last leg of sales training is focus on customer satisfaction and the impact on growth of sales.

If you also believe in America – I would ask that you pray for her and that we might continue to lead and help as many people as possible be blessed by the American dream..


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