Question: I have never attended a sales training class. What will we work on?

Answer: Typically – whether it is our training company or someone else – there is a significant amount of diagnostic work upfront.   The more complex the selling organization – the more complex the training.  (Example: long sales cycles, highly complex products vs. commodity products, service providers etc..)  In general, 5 skill areas are addressed.

As we look at great business developers – we note several characteristics.  They know business. They understand persuasion. They understand process…and much more.  This requires training to be excellent. By attending a sales training class, you can learn at least five key skills that can dramatically increase your sales and grow your business.  These are skills that should be important to most everyone in a small-mid size (SMB) business environment.

Skill One:  Planning & Prospecting Best Practices

Learn the proper way to approach prospective customer/clients. You must qualify fast by choosing specific clients you want to sell to.  Typically, there are 5-7 qualifying elements.  These questions are explored during the qualification step in sales process. Your pipeline should only consist of prospects who will likely buy your products or services. Any prospects who will less likely purchase your merchandise should be removed from your pipeline.  Time is a critical factor in sales success.  Good training programs will teach time management principles.

Skill Two:  Outcomes & Differentiation 

The process of finding prospects is not tough; the challenge is motivating the prospects to spend money.  Good sales training curriculum covers key sales techniques that should be used throughout the sales process. For example, you will learn how to address a problem when you present a product.  The customer is interested primarily in the outcomes not product features. You will learn how to differentiate your products and services so the customer can make the best decision on who to partner with.  Why should I buy from you? This is a critical question to master during sale training.

Skill Three:  Developing Trust and Long-Term Collaborative Relationships

Most people do not think they can learn to be more trust worthy.  You can. To grow a business, business development professionals will sell to people who may be outside their comfort zone or have an entirely different personality.  There are several types of buyer personalities.  Matching to the personality and building rapport is a big step in creating trust. Learning the specific skills to develop trust may be the #1 sales skill priority.  It is the responsibility of the sales pro to recognize these differences and modify their behavior so that they can develop trust and rapport.

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Skill Four:  Learning to Present Like a Pro

Sales professionals must be professional speakers to get to the highest levels.  However, very few sales organizations focus on this training.  We have a tendency to focus primarily on features and benefits.  A sales training group will prioritize this training.  If your presentations are not designed and presented properly, prospects will not pay attention. To get each prospect involved, you must have good storytelling skills. Detailed-rich stories will help your clients imagine using the product. As a result, you will get more engagement at the end of each presentation.

Skill Five:  Deploying Sales Process

At the start of the sales cycle, you must get incremental commitments.  (sales process) For this task, you will need to understand the prospects buying journey and match your sales process accordingly.  After enough information is gathered, you can easily negotiate commitments for your resources.  Sales process helps to develop consistency and predictability.

Skill Six:  Learning Opportunity Nurturing (Marketing Automation)

Marketing automation is becoming the system of record for modern marketers and sales professionals. It’s the place where they can manage all their data and create a rich profile of their target buyers. With this intelligence they can send out the right information at the right time to move prospects along on their buying journey.  It enables marketers to communicate with their prospects and identify when a prospect is sending buying signals and ready to speak to sales.


If you need help increasing monthly sales, contact us and request more information on sales training/coaching. Our marketing services, strategic planning classes, and management development courses are available also. We have tools for entrepreneurs, marketing and sales professionals, small business owners, and office owners.

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G. Bruce Riggs serves as an executive sales coach and marketing professionallocated in Tulsa, OK.   If your sales force or business is lacking the skills necessary to compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace – Bruce brings nearly 60,000 hours of practical sales experience and is well known for his results.  Bruce also is the author of the popular, “I Didn’t Sign Up…” series.

 “Coaching The Super 5% – Why the best thrive and the bottom fight to survive.”

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