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As a leader in the sales industry, half your battle may be motivating your team and keeping them motivated through their successes, failures and slumps. Understanding what motivates your team and how to keep them pushing through the difficult times and continuing to build a pipeline even as they experience a surge in sales is vital to the success of your sales team.

1. Convey Team and Company Goals

One of the best ways to motivate your team is through transparency. When a team of sales people understand and are excited with the goals a company is attempting to accomplish, it helps them see past the periods of stalling sales and continue to persevere. Without a clear idea of the vision, it can be difficult for your sales team to see the forest through the trees. In contrast, concise communication about what your team is trying to accomplish as a group can keep everyone motivated and on the same page.

2. Continue Skill Building

Sales is a craft that requires constant attention and can be built over time, helping your team grow skills even as they experience success. Waiting until a sales professional is struggling to provide adequate and new training is a mistake that all too many leaders make. Instead, provide regular training and brainstorming sessions for sales team members, allowing professionals to bounce ideas off one another and provide feedback about what may be working for particular individuals and what they have found may not have led to success in their field. Many sales people are hungry for information and training and new ideas. Offering them additional information, literature and resources gives them the chance to display that hunger to you as a leader while giving them outside information and perspective that people within the company and you may not always be able to provide. Seminars, books, social media and even recorded information can keep your team inspired and hungry for more.

3. Spark Friendly Competition

You may have already noticed the competitive nature of your sales team. Friendly competition keeps sales people motivated and oftentimes it is one of the aspects that draws sales people in to the sales industry. Over the long term, continuing to provoke and prod that competitive nature can help keep your team excited about what they are doing and help them use4 one another to harness their skills and chase success. While monetary factors are also very inspiring to a sales team, knowing what other team members are doing, aspiring to do and accomplishing can help sales professionals desire more and seek to accomplish goals they may not have otherwise sought. Making numbers transparent and highlighting the successes of other team members can help provoke a fire in other members. Providing specific examples of a team members successes, the outcomes and what they reaped from those successes can inspire other professionals and spark a dialogue about what helped them achieve their goals. Keeping your sales team motivated doesn’t have to cost leaders a fortune in spiffs, contests and gifts. Instead, many sales people simply want to know how what goals their aiming to reaching as a team, how they can get their and grow as professionals and what their fellow team members are accomplishing.





G. Bruce Riggs serves as an executive sales coach and marketing professionallocated in Tulsa, OK.   If your sales force or business is lacking the skills necessary to compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace – Bruce brings nearly 60,000 hours of practical sales experience and is well known for his results.  Bruce also is the author of the popular, “I Didn’t Sign Up…” series.

 “Coaching The Super 5% – Why the best thrive and the bottom fight to survive.”

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