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The Small Business Administration reports that 50% of all new businesses will fail within the first five years. 70+% of sales professionals in the US are not meeting expectations.  One of the primary reasons is a lack of consistency and predictability! The image001thought of having to sell makes you anxious, distressed, and uneasy. You love what you do, but not the selling. You can learn to enjoy… and develop systems that are highly effective in growing your consultancy business or professional office.

Selling Professional Services with PerformOne Training and The Sales Coaching Group is the gold standard for The Professional Office and Consultant Services. Let us help you develop skills in 12 key areas and experience significant business breakthroughs.

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PerformOne Training Delivery Options:

  • 1-on-1 Live Training (12 Modules)
  • Interactive Webinar Training (12 Modules)
  • ON-LINE E-Learning

During our initial FREE consultation, we will develop a plan specific to your needs and circumstances.

” Your presentation today was definitely encouraging and inspiring, and it is nice to hear about things like servant leadership and the nobility of business. Blessings to you and your family!”

Learn from Bruce Riggs – with nearly 60,000 hours serving as an executive sales professional and consultant. This means you learn exactly what you need to do to be successful in selling your professional services by someone who sales business consultancy services daily.

The PerformOne curriculum includes Bruce’s well known process training:

  • PerformOne “Marketing Automation” – (MarketingProcessPlus+™) Automate your marketing and double you prospective clients in 12 months!3 Ring Binder P1 Cover
  • The Customer Experience – (SalesProcessPlus+™) Understand the exact steps in winning new clients and growing them!

Also Includes:

  • 40+ on-line videos to reinforce training and is available 24/7.
  • World-class tools
  • Post-training email reinforcement
  • And much more

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Special Bonuses: And as a bonus, you’ll receive a copy of Bruce’s two latest books for the professional office:

  • “I Didn’t Sign Up To Be In Sales”
  • “I Didn’t Sign Up to Be In Marketing”

“Bruce helped us grow our prospective customer base by nearly 400%. His business development processes and coaching is the best thing we have implemented at our business….We definitely had a breakthrough”

Our Guarantee: If the training does not meet your expectation – It’s Free.

tmp_NEW_220513_iSSeQ2cVJv2wUcPwMake This Your Most Successful Year Yet!

I have often had conversations with professional office consultants and heard the phrase, “ I didn’t sign up to be in sales.” You’re not alone and that’s not the only thing we here:

  • “Selling gets in the way of collaboration and building trust”
  • “I hate everything about selling..”
  • “I went to school to be a…”
  • “I just want to get new business with referrals”
  • “How do I sell and consult? Who has the time?”
  • “Can’t I just hire sales people?”

Is there any good news for these professionals? Yes! You already have the skills necessary to grow your practice and make more money. Selling is very much like being a great consultant. Selling involves process, planning, trust, and being able to communicate what makes you different.

Our guaranteed to you:

We will teach you how to apply the skills that you already possess, how to systemize, plan, and communicate your competitive advantages. You will immediately impact the pipeline with qualified leads and make this your best year ever.

We will provide you with tools, scripts, follow up and role play until we perfect our sales conversations.

“Bruce has first-rate business assessment skills and excels at providing effective tactical solutions. Bruce is a very effective sales trainer and people manager, capable of improving the performance of sales personnel at all skill levels.” “Bruce is an exceptional coach, teacher and person. He’s a motivational leader who’s information is timely. His dynamic approach and personality make it easy to jump on board with the points he’s communicating. I would recommend Bruce wholeheartedly!”

Get the knowledge, tools, and confidence you need. Call me for a FREE consultation today 918 706-1992. [Or book a phone call appointment| Enroll tomorrow! Have your best year- Now!

Start Bringing In a Predictable Flow of Profitable New Clientstmp_NEW_220513_iSSeQ2cVJv2wUcPw

The program is composed of tools and strategies that I have field-tested with over 60,000 practical hours as a professional sales executive and small business owner. I will walk you through step-by-step and help you discover:

  • A business development process to produce consistency and predictability (marketing process)
  • A one on one sales process to help you win more often (sales process)
  • How to automate your sales funnel while maintaining your practice with active clients
  • Develop your Compelling Marketing Story™ (CMS)
  • How to leverage a CRM
  • How to have a masterful sales conversation
  • How to anticipate and deal with the top six objections
  • Develop a strong value proposition
  • Develop a key questioning strategy
  • Developing and creating proposals that win new clients
  • And many, many more topics.

Our well-known curriculum Sales Mastery Course SalesProcessPlus++™ is a 4 month certification and immersion into business development that will produce several breakthroughs. Replication and practical application is key to your long-term success.

The learning objectives make up the core of our SalesProcessPlus+™ Sales and Marketing curriculum. It is applied to the unique skills of the Professional Office Owner and Consultant. The Professional Office Owner and Consultant business development training modules produce consistent and predictable sales performance:


Learning Objective 1: Great By Choice – “Understanding What it Takes to Be Great”

Learn exactly what it takes to become a top-performing seller, including fanatical discipline and understanding the nobility of your profession. We will look at the skills that make you a great consultant and understand they are the same skills you need to be great at selling.

Learning Objective 2: Trust – “The Secret to Increasing the Life Time Value of Customers”

Trust is the foundation of all great selling and consultants. We will look at the trust formula and the one great secret to developing long-term collaborative relationships. This is the number one requested module in our entire curriculum.

Learning Objective 3: The Incredible Power Of Marketing Process – “Territory Development and The Prospect Life Cycle”

We will teach you the incredible power of process and marketing automation. We will teach CRM, e-commerce, social media and email marketing. I will introduce and immerse you into a single, powerful system that automatically converts leads into new customers and grows sales from existing ones. So you can focus on your business and your clients.

Learning Objective 4: The Incredible Power Of Sales Process – “Winning 1-on-1 with New Prospects”

We will teach you a simple five-step process that will produce consistency, predictability, and building gentle accountability. We will teach you to recognize why you win and why you lose. We will teach you to win more often!

Learning Objective 5: Competitive Advantages – “Differentiate To Win More Often”

Competitive advantages are why you are in business. We will explore what your key advantages are and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors to win more often. We will understand the difference between a strength in a competitive advantage and how to communicate it.

We will develop your Core Marketing Story (CMS) based on your competitive advantages and other market-driven data. This will become your primary marketing tool and training tool.

Learning Objective 6: Planning – “Finding New Prospects“

Discover the importance of good planning and time management best practices. We will look at the high-performance model and the best practices of the top 5%. We will understand the difference in the three critical time categories and how to set proper goals and plan like the military.

Learning Objective 7: Planning – “Fact Based Decisions To Grow Your Business Rapidly”

We will understand “rolled throughput yield” and how small improvements can make tremendous impact on obtaining new prospective customers. We will look at how to analyze our current client list to determine who our top customers are that are producing 16 times more revenue than the bottom 80%. We will look at developing a super 100 list and targeting clients that look like our top 20%.

Learning Objective 8: Planning – “The Art of Execution”

Learned the 6 root causes of execution breakdown. Learn the 4 disciplines of execution and how the top 5% dominate their space year after year…

Learning Objective 9: Skills Development – “How to Have a Great Business Interview”

Learn the five general question types. Learn an emergency questioning technique that will guide you in pressure situations. Understand buyer types and how to engage each of them and be more effective. Leverage the skills that have made you a great consultant.

Learning Objective 10: Skills Development – “How to Present a Great Solution”

Learn the key components of a great presentation. Develop your own pre-presentation checklist. Understand why prospects say no and how to overcome key objections.

Learn how to build report five minutes with any person. Learned the 10 key “wow” factors of a great presentation. Learn the eight mistakes you need to overcome to make a great presentation.

Learning Objective 11: Gaining Commitment – “How To Ask for the Business”

Learn the action rules for gaining commitment. Learn how to properly close an opportunity. Learn additional objection handling techniqes.

Learning Objective 12: Customer Service – “Strengthen Our Customer Relationships and Deliver Wow!”

Learn why customers really buy and what their primary expectations are. Learn powerful sales follow up techniques. Develop retention plans. Understand the key roles of Customer Service.

Bonus Lesson: The Importance of Qualifying Clients and the 7 Elements

Time is your greatest asset. It is important that you spend your time in front of clients that are high-value, high probability. Learn to qualify and increase your time by 50%.

Bonus Lesson: Networking at Professional Events

Networking engaging new prospective customers at events can be a scary proposition. Typically, it makes us uncomfortable because we don’t know what to say. This lesson will teach you a very simple technique and produce great networking conversations.

Bonus Lesson: Funnel Management – The #1 tool of the Top 5%.

We will learn how to use a spreadsheet funnel or introduce you to a free CRM that will help you develop clarity and focus with your prospective customer pipeline.

Bonus Lesson: Surprise Tool – This final lesson and tool development will be based on what I learn during our work together.

This all sounds great – but – can’t I figure all this out on my own? Sure, I hear it often, “I hate training. Why do I have to train?” These are often the comments I hear from business owners or the professional office consultant who is struggling. Why continue to be average? Training, repetition, and discipline are the 3 ingredients to high performance and performance breakthroughs.

“Companies that embrace training own the future…they are more consistent and produce greater results”

Do you know the difference between working on the business and working in the business? Often, we get stuck working in the business and do not take the time to invest in future success. Companies who commit to regular training typically dominate their competitors and are more consistent and predictable. For example, companies who train and focus on their core story and the nobility of their product or service outperform their direct competition 6:1.

  • Untrained employees take up to six times longer than trained ones to perform the same tasks.
  • A four-year study by the American Society of Training and Development found that firms who invest $1,500 per employee in training, compared with those that spend $125, experience on average 24 percent higher gross profit margins and 218 percent higher incomes per employee.
  • Just a 2 percent increase in employee productivity has been shown to net a 100 percent return on investment.

Training saves money, saves clients, saves sales, reduces turnover, improves sales efficiency, improves client relationships, sets expectations, and much more. Why would you not train…and put a focus on it?

Training is very effective during a potential crisis. For example, if you’re ever in an altercation there are two types of people, those who know how to defend themselves (due to training) and those who become a victim. Likewise there are two types of sales people, those who train and can deal with the pressure of developing new business and those who struggle and eventually fail.

Breakthrough Thinking:

Where do we begin? Typically asking the following two questions will provide sufficient information on where to begin company training and experience performance breakthroughs:

  • What are three things if trained on and perfected would make a measurable impact on our business?
  • If corrected and perfected, will we achieve a significant business breakthrough within the next 12 months?

“You can work really hard, but if you’re not training in the right way you’re not going to improve and get to the level that you want to.” – Michael Chang

Why spend years trying to figure it all out on your own when we’re going to hand you the process and tools in this course?

What’s It Cost?

Typical sales training programs cost thousands of dollars, require travel, and often teach you strategies that simply aren’t applicable and don’t work.  All PerformOne curriculum is original and has been applied.  We didn’t buy it.  We created through 65,000 hours of selling experience and our academic background.

It costs much less than the average new client! Contact me below and I will respond before the end of business in respect to cost. The program typically takes 1-2 hrs per week for 4 months.  Tuition discounts are available for current clients, academic customers, and corporate offices. Call me for more details. 918 706-1992 or email


100% guarantee – if expectations are not met – return workbooks and get your money back.


The entire program takes at least 4 months to complete. You’re making an investment in your career to achieve breakthrough results. You’ll make this investment back many times over in just your first sale.

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