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Sales has become complex. Customers today are looking for a much greater contribution from the sales professional. Sales professionals must be able to deliver short term urgent solutions and quickly transition away from the transaction to strategic consultation. It is vital today to build a framework around this concept.

Is your sales organization producing consistent results? Customers are looking for organizations to build a collaborative trusting relationship. Systems and processes are vital to winning and consistency.ringbinderstanding.jpg

Sales Process Plus++™ produces the results that a customer or client is seeking. A consultative business conversation that leads to one goal–growing their business. Many businesses today are losing customers because they are stuck selling product features and not business solutions. A robust sales production system will identify and map customers through seven critical steps. (Attraction, Contact Capture, Nurturing, Winning Business, Delivery, Up-sell and cross-sell, and enthusiastic customer advocates)

If you are not using a clearly defined sales process or selling system that produces consistent results, you are at a competitive disadvantage. If you are a business development professional (key account manager, territory sales rep, salesperson, sales manager, account executive or the professional office business owner), our business development process will help you ask better business questions that will produce more powerful selling conversations that produce significantly better results than your competitors.

  • Immediately map processes that promote consistent results
  • Exceed your historical growth
  • Increase your time availability and reduce selling headaches
  • Maximize the potential of your team and develop a high performance sales organization
  • Produce templates and tools that leverage your marketing process and convert more leads
  • Developing compelling statements that differentiate your business
  • Develop a planning process that leverages fact based decision-making
  • Develop fact based territory plans
  • Learn to be more politically astute, leverage strategic advantages, and develop long term customers
  • Develop a powerful unique selling position statement
  • Eliminate mistakes that cost you sales.
  • Learn to ask great business questions that lead to higher level selling conversations

All training and coaching programs are developed through a module system. Each client student receives a modular notebook and sales tools. Fill out the form above for additional information. Our client students consistently out perform and develop into the class of the Super 5%.

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