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Should You Start a Business Blog?

Question:  Should I be blogging to attract new prospective customers? Answer:  Yes.  This is an important new reality.  Prospective customers have a lot of choices.  You will attract new clients based on your experience and willingness to...

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The Key To Survival – Great Customer Service

Question:  Bruce our business is struggling.  Sales are down.  Our customer service surveys are awful!  What should I be focusing on? Attention is the Key to Great Customer Service Thanks for the questions.  Keep them coming! Businesses will spend huge amounts of...

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An American Woman Patriot

  Happy 4th of July to all our friends and colleagues.. America. History. Patriotism. God. Country. Family. Service. The 4th of July is one of those holidays that make me sentimental. Especially so today - it seems the great values and traditions of America have...

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Grow Faster – Customer Retention Strategies!

Question:  What is the best way to grow my business? I will start with the bottom line - you need a strategy today to retain and wow your best customers.  What is your strategy to increase the life-time value of your current customers? Lower Costs and Boost Profits...

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Who Will You Honor Today?

Memorial Day is a day we set aside to commemorate those veterans who have died in the service of our country. It is also an opportunity to say thank you to those veterans whom we appreciate and love still living.. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to serve...

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PODCAST – 10 Steps to Getting Your Career Back on Track

Are you satisfied with where you are professionally? Is your income level and designation at par with your long-term career goals? If not, you might be stuck in a career rut. It happens to everyone - your progress hits a plateau, and it feels like you're working hard...

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Why Are Some Guys Hating On the MBA’s?

[su_audio url="http://traffic.libsyn.com/performone/MBA_Worth_It.m4a"] Question:  Will an MBA make me a better business person?  Is it a waste of money? Answer:  Absolutely and maybe - but the bottom line - your MBA is only the start of the learning journey... For...

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A Small Business Secret You May Not Know

Outsourcing Customer Service Can Help Your Business Grow! Small businesses are often praised for their personal approach to customer service. The opportunity to pay greater attention to customer satisfaction has long been one of the advantages of being a small...

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I Didn’t Sign Up To Be in Marketing!

Question:  Does Good Marketing Trumps Sales? I honestly would say one does not trump the other - both are part of a vital system.  Although there has been a tremendous amount of conversation oriented around inbound marketing - a company with a great sales organization...

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The Worst Super Bowl Decision Ever?

Sometimes we make bad decisions.  How we bounce back from that decision can define us.  My friend Jim Schnorrenberg posted a really great blog this week....please enjoy!  By the way - find Jim's blog at:  It Takes A Family    As Jim says, finish well! by Jim...

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[su_box title="FREE PLANNING GUIDES" box_color="#FF8000"]FREE PerformOne PLANNING GUIDES CLICK HERE[/su_box] Question: I read the book 4 hour Work Week. Is it for real? Answer: Not for me.  I think the concept is ridiculous.  I don't know any successful people who are...

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A True Story About An Ordinary Guy

I would like to introduce the PerformOne Community to my friend Jim Schnorrenberg.  Please check out his blog at: http://wp.me/pXJCk-72. High achievers are people just like you and me... Read Jim's blog message below and learn 5 important lessons or check out his new...

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Your Best Sales Year Ever!

I Wish We Would Have Planned. The greatest tool you have to eliminate chaos is planning.  The greatest tool you have to guarantee exceeding your goals is planning.  The reason your competition is making head way against you is strategic planning.  Then why do few...

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Critical Tax Update_Breaking News

Planning helps you keep more of your hard earned money in YOUR pocket.. Two days ago on December 16, Congress approved legislation extending the Section 179 rules for 2014.  Just waiting for the President's signature, which is expected. Essentially, just for 2014, we...

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A+ Marketing Strategy

Question:  Bruce,  what should we be planning on for next year? Answer:  Be more strategic with your marketing...   Get Realistic Customer Feedback with a Content Marketing Strategy Marketing is not just about generating sales. Branding, boosting business...

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Creating A Learning Elite Company

Today's blog article is presented by our friend Travis Jones - President of Career Development Partners in Tulsa, OK.  I am honored Travis is our guest blogger today.  Travis believes passionately that "People Are Worth The Investment". CDP supports employers...

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3 Keys to Getting Your Website to Convert Prospects

Question:  Bruce, Do you have any quick website development tips? Answer:  Yes! If you have questions or would like to discuss getting a FREE website/blog set up... Click to schedule a phone call here:  https://www.vcita.com/v/bruceriggs Tips For Developing A...

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VIDEO PODCAST – “The Best Train Hard!”

[su_frame align="center"][/su_frame] "Scientia potentia est" is a well- published Latin phrase that translates to "knowledge is power". Understanding the influence knowledge can have on positive business development is a major step towards evolving a business from one...

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VIDEO PODCAST – Trust is a Key To Greater Success

VIDEO AND AUDIO AVAILABLE [su_frame align="center"][/su_frame] This weeks Podcast show features a class recently taught in respect to TRUST.  It is a major topic in our coaching practice simply because it converts a greater number of new customers and increases their...

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PODCAST – “A Degree is a Terrible Thing to Waste”

Question:  Bruce, I have a Liberal Arts degree.  I can't find a job.  Will it ever do many any good? Answer:  Absolutely - but the bottom line - your college degree is only the start of the learning journey... Some of our community may have attended the school of hard...

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PODCAST – Ronald Reagan, “Trust but Verify”

[su_audio url="http://traffic.libsyn.com/performone/Ronald_Reagan_-_Trust_-_72214_4.27_PM.mp3"] President Ronald Reagan was using an old Russian proverb, in speaking to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev about an arms control treaty . Although it was a very old adage,...

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PODCAST – “Should I Get Up Earlier?”

[su_audio url="http://traffic.libsyn.com/performone/Getting_Up_Early_-_71414_3.43_PM.mp3"]   Question: Bruce, I heard you speak and wanted to know why you talk about getting up early as an advantage. Answer: I have noticed a common characteristic of the Super...

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