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10 Steps to Getting Your Career Going!

Are you satisfied with where you are professionally? Is your income level and designation at par with your long-term career goals? If not, you might be stuck in a career rut. It happens to everyone - your progress hits a plateau, and it feels like you're working hard...

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How Bad Do We Want It?

Wow!  Not sure what happened but we are in the new year! It came fast – as new years always do. Looking back at 2016, most of us experienced some nice achievements and typically we all have a few regrets.  There are things left undone and we ran out of time. ...

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I Still Believe in America…

I still believe in America ... Creating a business in America is still a great plan! Much has been said about the state of business in the USA. Those most deeply embedded in US businesses are reliable sources of the true status of why the USA is still the best place...

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A Lesson from Jordan -Bad Things Do Happen!

How To Recover From a Crushing Defeat One thing that everyone has to deal with is change. Change constantly occurs, whether we like it or not. All we can do is try to direct change in a way that’s favorable. Yet, even this is not always possible. So, no matter how...

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Unleash The Power of Change (Part II)

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable This gets back to the point that humans tend to resist change. There are certain ways that you can make yourself more open to changes. If you deliberately take steps to do things differently in your everyday life, you'll find it...

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Unleash The Power of Change (Part 1)

Why You Need to Embrace Change The ability to adapt and respond to change is getting more and more important. As technology and other aspects of society move at an ever accelerating rate, you can easily get left behind if you resist change. In this article, we'll be...

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Do You Like To Practice?

Do you like to practice?   I have marveled at the seemingly supernatural skills of athletes like Michael Jordan, Brett Favre, and Larry Bird. Each was an incredibly gifted athlete, but the players that I am in awe of the most are guys like “Pistol Pete” Maravich. Why?...

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“I Didn’t Sign Up To Be in Sales”

Great salespeople are your #1 competitive advantage.  It's surprising how many people in business say “I didn’t sign up to be in sales” or worse “I hate selling”. Such business owners have the idea that as long as they put out a good product or service, customers...

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Are We Winning The Race?

Have you ever wondered about the journey a talented racehorse takes to become a champion racehorse? Watching an immature yearling learn their lessons and transform into a racehorse is a very rewarding part of horse ownership. The amount of growth and development that...

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My 7 Tools and Tactics To Be More Productive!

"I need more time! I can't stand the chaos..." Productivity is crucial in the life of any business.  Without being overly dramatic - it can be the difference between becoming a success or a statistic.  At the same time, I recognize that bad habits can be hard to...

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I Still Believe…In America

I Still Believe in American Exceptionalism Creating a business in America is still a great plan!  Much has been said about the state of business in the USA. Those most deeply embedded in US businesses are reliable sources of the true status of why the USA is still the...

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Are You The Rock Star Everyone Wants

There are a number of people who have asked me if I had any recommendations concerning how they can increase their value to their employer.  (Be the Rock Star) The fact of the matter is there are many ways but here are the easy 10 ways to consider. The result can be...

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5 Effective Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

Job seekers (sales & marketing) today face quite a few challenges. Many industries are cutting back on hiring for a variety of reasons. While the health of the economy varies, companies are often very selective about hiring candidates. You really need to stand...

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Why Should I Attend Sales Training?

Question: I have never attended a sales training class. What will we work on? Answer: Typically - whether it is our training company or someone else - there is a significant amount of diagnostic work upfront.   The more complex the selling organization - the more...

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Top 3 (Free) Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team and Grow Your Profits

As a leader in the sales industry, half your battle may be motivating your team and keeping them motivated through their successes, failures and slumps. Understanding what motivates your team and how to keep them pushing through the difficult times and continuing to build a pipeline even as they experience a surge in sales is vital to the success of your sales team.

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Determination Trumps Talent

Our capability is built on the foundation of our thinking. The greatest achievers were always the greatest thinkers. Not only did they have a dream, an idea, or an inspiration, but they believed that those dreams would become reality. They...

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Linus and The Super 5%

Have you ever noticed that about 5% of a company’s sales team significantly achieves greater results than the remaining 95%? Have you ever noticed that one company consistently dominates it competitors? Why? Some of us complain about...

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Remember Your First Date?

First Impressions Win The Day! Remember your first date?  Remember how much time you spent looking your best before leaving?  Well...your website should get the same amount of attention...First impression can win the day! Your website is one...

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I Would Rather Be Shot!

"If I have to speak...I quit!" Maybe I should have used the title, "6 Tried and Tested Ways to Deal with Your Fear of Public Speaking".  However, like my book series "I Didn't Sign Up.., I often hear this statement from people who are asked to speak in public, "I...

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Will Anyone Still Hire You?

Will anyone hire you today? Are your skills still relevant? Last week I was meeting with a friend of mine. He was teaching his staff about the importance of developing a mindset of continual learning and staying relevant in the work place.  It was eye opening.. What...

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How To Be Great at Growing Your Business and Not Go Crazy

Question:  Bruce - I am going crazy!  I am selling, managing, and trying to grow my new business!  Can't seem to get ahead.. Any advice? This answer really applies to sales professionals, marketers, and the business owner! So you've decided to start your own business....

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This Marketing Mistake Will Hurt You

Question:  I can't afford to spend a lot of money on marketing right now.  How important is it? If you're starting a new business, it probably seems like your list of things to do is endless. But don't make the mistake of thinking your...

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