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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you help?

I am teacher, speaker, author and business growth expert. I teach sales organizations, SME’s (small-mid enterprise) to more effectively market and sell their product and services.I have an extensive background and education in sales and executive sales leadership in companies ranging in size from start-up to the Fortune 100 level. 60,000 hours of relevant field experience have equipped me with a robust set of tools and resources to help small businesses and sales professionals compete and win.

Achieved multiple national awards as a sales representative and sales management executive. Earned a BS and MBA in 1996. Completed post academic work in Management Leadership Research at the renowned Tepper School of Business (Carnegie Mellon University), and serve as a master adjunct professor.

Published: Author of the fast growing series..”I Didn’t Sign Up..” including, “I Didn’t Sign Up To Be In Sales,” (2012) I Didn’t Sign Up To Be In Marketing,” (2013) I Didn’t Sign Up To Be a Business Failure,” (2014) and “I Didn’t Sign Up For This Dead End Job” (2014) and Coaching The Super 5%  (2016).

Services include:

  • Executive Sales Coaching
  • Train New Sales Leaders
  • Develop Marketing Strategy, Plans, and Execution
  • Leadership Training
What kind of clients do you work with?
I work  as an executive sales coach and organizational development expert with nearly 3 decades and 55,000 hours of real-world experience serving start-ups and Fortune 100 companies.  I am very fortunate to teach and work in an area that I am passionate about.  I work with executive level (C-Suite) and emerging leaders.  My primary focus is sales process engineering, sales skills development, and strategic marketing deployment.
What's New this Year?

Sales Leadership Training 101

Consistency and replication is the hallmark of a great sales organization. Effective sales coaching is a key to developing a teams full potential. Unfortunately, many sales managers do not get the training needed to become a great sales manager. They typically become managers of the day to day operations and not the leader who builds other leaders. Eventually, everyone in the organization gets frustrated with the lack of results.

Sales managers must learn a new set of skills related to “coaching” and “managing.” There are a number of barriers that prevent new sales managers from performing at the levels they did as a sales star.

New managers get caught in the management trap. (spreadsheets, expense forms, forecasting etc.) and fail to coach and mentor.

  • New managers coach in their own personality style and need training on how to motivate and manage other personalities.
  • New managers coach to what made them successful as sales people. Coaching toward the goal of interdependency among the team is vital for exceptional sales performance.
  • New managers typically need help with the science of sale process, communicating competitive differentiation, and fact based decision making.
  • New manager must learn how to develop trust and collaboration with their sales team, customers, and executive management.

Sales manager training and 1-on-1 coaching with a mentor will produce significant results that typically generate desired, sustained, and long-term results! Managers that learn to mentor and coach outperform their peers. They become the foundation and a companies greatest competitive advantage–well disciplined, process oriented sales professionals who can clearly communicate the companies competitive differences.

The PerformONE Sales Manager Training programs will teach managers how to maximize the potential of their teams and turnaround under-performers. This is a step by step process beginning with the hiring process and developing accountability models.


  • Develop an internal coaching program and tools
  • Develop a robust system to measure pipeline and forecast accuracy
  • Map the life cycle of a prospect for greater conversion rates
  • Map the sales process to get consistent, replication, and accountability
  • Develop a system to coach and turnaround under-performers
  • Learn how the best organization hire and recruit
  • Motivate and inspire through coaching
  • Teach sales reports how to develop trust and collaboration
  • Learn new reward systems that get sales people to buy in to KPI’s

The program is customized to each individual and sales organization. Call today for a FREE evaluation or personal assessment of your coaching skills.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes we do!  We partner and pay top commissions for referrals.  Call me or check out the program here:  Affiliate Sign Up

AI first met Bruce through a Transportation Marketing and Sales Association event that our company sponsored. Bruce was the guest speaker for our event and did a phenomenal job speaking on the topic of the sales profession’s nobility and the discipline needed to be successful in our field. After seeing his presentation and reading his book, it was obvious that Bruce could help us take our sales organization to the next level. Bruce spent the next three months meeting with our sales team in group and individual sessions, helping us re-invent our sales process from the ground up. From our first “20 seconds” statement, to earning “trust”, to competitive advantages, and finally winning the sale, Bruce helped us develop our own winning sales process. Bruce has also become a trusted coach, mentor, and most importantly a friend to me as I have developed my own skills and begin the process to seek out the next great step in my career.

Kyle Gholston

Vice President

Bruce is a dynamic person, who brings expertise, knowledge, and passion to his clients and audiences as he coaches and speaks. I have heard Bruce speak a multitude of times, and I never get tired of hearing him. He has a proven track record of excellence and improvement, and I highly recommend him to my clients and business connections often. Whether it is sales, leadership, or career advice, Bruce has a gentle way of being firm and communicating what someone needs to hear in a way they will be receptive to hearing it.

Jennifer Cook

The Heritage Foundation

Bruce Riggs has been my friend, mentor and business colleague for over 11 yrs. I had the pleasure of working for Bruce at Bayer Healthcare (MEDRAD). I immediately respected him for his positive approach to leadership and his collaboration with his team to find win-win solutions for our customers within the financial objectives of the company. Bruce showed me the power of being disciplined to proven processes that can drive consistent repeatable results. He invests time and energy into his people and celebrates their successes. Bruce’s success is the result of delivering value to his clients and business partners. He does so with executive leadership, passion and positive energy that is infectious and rewarding, knowing that you are making a difference to your customers and your companies bottom line. I continue to rely on Bruce’s advice and mentorship as I continue to progress in my career. His loyal friendship has been and continues to be invaluable to me. It is my pleasure to give my highest recommendation of Bruce Riggs and would be happy to discuss further if desired. (832) 247-1041

Jay Heimsoth

Vice President of Sales

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