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Business owners understand that a high-octane sales engine is necessary to compete in today’s market place.  New strategic marketing processes and automation has introduced a unique approach to sales and marketing and has unleashed more successful outcomes for small business owners.

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1.  You need more prospective clients/customers and have NO system in place.

2.  Losing prospective clients/customers due to NO follow up system.

3.  You can’t produce predictable sales results.

4. …and more.


Business Development is a production process.  The key to this process is “finding” new prospects.  “Top-Performer” organizations realize their approach to marketing is a strategic advantage.  Today – every business competes on a level playing field.  This is primarily the result of tremendously powerful tools – automation strategies.  Are you effectively leveraging your marketing tactics?

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

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The life blood of any sales organization is a consistent flow of qualified sales leads but prospecting for leads – if done by sales people – can actually decrease sales performance. Why?

The most valuable use of a sales person’s time is working directly with qualified prospects and customers. The problem is, 80% of all sales people spend just 20% of their time selling and 80% of their time prospecting and doing other activities that are not actually selling.

What would happen if your top sales people no longer had to spend the majority of their time prospecting? What if they had a consistent flow of qualified sales leads provided to them? What if by removing prospecting from their list of responsibilities you freed up 20% of their time? What if that extra time was spent selling? It’s simple math, their sales would double because 40% of their time would be spent selling as opposed to 20%.  This is the power of marketing automation.  Let ‘s us teach you how..

Marketing Automation – Demand Generation

A demand generation program is a multi-step marketing program for creating awareness and interest in a product or service with a longer sales cycle. Typically, a demand generation program is used to support business-to-business selling and includes a synchronized series of marketing and sales steps that build on one another.

A well planned and executed demand generation program can be an extremely powerful strategy for capturing market share. However, the complex natures of these programs leave little room for error. So, if you’re planning a demand generation program for your product or service it’s critical to work with professionals who have the experience.

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Micro Branding

Everyone doesn’t need to who you are but it’s critical that your most valuable prospects do. Micro Branding is a disciplined and hyper targeted (sometime just to a few dozen people) ongoing marketing program that is designed to ensure your most valuable prospects know who you are and more importantly think of you when it’s time to buy.

A micro branding campaign can be used to brand both people or products and services. For example, if you’re a consultant you might send a monthly communication with some valuable insights to your top 25 prospects.

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“Bruce helped us grow our prospective customer base by nearly 400%. His business development processes and coaching is the best thing we have implemented at our business….We definitely had a breakthrough.”
“Bruce has first-rate business assessment skills and excels at providing effective tactical solutions. Bruce is a very effective sales trainer and people manager, capable of improving the performance of sales personnel at all skill levels.”
” Your presentation today was definitely encouraging and inspiring, and it is nice to hear about things like servant leadership in a business setting, and not just a religious environment! Blessings to you and your family!”
“Bruce Riggs is a natural born leader and an extraordinary salesperson. He’s very detailed oriented, customer focused, personable, and very intelligent. Bruce is a firm believer in following the sales process and earning the right with his customers. This has made him very successful in his career. His motivation, enthusiasm, and dedication are second to none. I’d recommend any sales professional to learn from Bruce, he has a lot to offer!”
“Bruce is an exceptional coach, teacher and person. He’s a motivational leader who’s information is timely. His dynamic approach and personality make it easy to jump on board with the points he’s communicating. I would recommend Bruce wholeheartedly!”
“Bruce is the consummate sales professional. He brings his vast knowledge and cutting edge techniques to our business students on a regular basis. He is an outstanding executive and I’m happy recommend the work that he has done for the university.”

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