Few would argue that people are an organization’s most valuable asset. Do you want better quality, faster response time, higher productivity, greater sensitivity to customers, improved profitability? People make these happen.  Use the QUICK CONTACT tab for more information on programs and scheduling.

Principles of Top Performance (4 Modules)

  • Traditional vs. HP Paradigms
  • Characteristics of High Performance
  • Building Trust
  • High Performance Tools and Plans

Top Performance Leadership

(8 Modules)

  •   Principles of Leadership
  •   Practices of Empowering Leaders
  •   The Five Leadership Roles
  •   Leadership Practices: A Self-Assessment
  •   Personal Productivity
  •   Lessons of High Performance Teams
  •   Performance Expectations
  •   Empowering Others for Success
Developing Top Performance Teams                      (7 Modules)

  •  Lessons of Top Performance Teams
  •  The Team Charter
  •  Effective Meetings
  •  Customer Focus
  •  Managing the Process
  •  Team Member Roles & Responsibilities
  •  Setting Goals & Keeping Score

Skills for Top Performance Teamwork                

(7 Modules)

  •  Basic Communication
  •  Giving & Receiving Feedback
  •  Group Dynamics
  •  Team Decision Making
  •  Team Problem Solving
  •  Conflict Resolution
  •  Time Management
Emotional Intelligence (8 Modules)

  •   The Integrity Model
  •   Conquer Your Key Moments
  •   Embrace Reality
  •   Exercise Responsibility
  •   Clarify Your Vision
  •   Define Your Purpose
  •   Act With Integrity
  •   Value Who You Are

The Trust Factor

(8 Modules)

  •   The Trust Imperative
  •   Collusion
  •   A Change of Heart
  •   Face to Face Communication
  •   Interpersonal Dialogue: Core Principles
  •   Interpersonal Dialogue: The Steps
  •   Harnessing Harmful Behavior
  •   Strengthening Our Relationships
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