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..join a our team and earn a great income!


We offer a highly successful Referral Partner Program for affiliate, individual, small business, training, coaching and speaking referrals. Earn generous rewards for referring our client services to your customers, clients, friends and colleagues.

Join now to promote PerformONE Training Group or The Sales Coaching Group. You’ll receive our generous commissions and have access to top-performing marketing creative, online reporting and monthly payment processing.

Please note that we are NOT asking for an endorsement of any kind. We are simply looking for an introduction. If we are chosen to work with the referral, we expect that selection to be based solely on our merits, as presented by us to the prospective client. All we are asking you to do is make an introduction. A qualified referral must include the person’s name, organization, and contact information. Also, the person must be expecting to hear from us to discuss his/her needs.

If the referral leads to an “engagement”, we will pay a $1,000 partner fee and/or commissions (See Commission Schedule) for the term of the engagement.

Referred Fee Formula $$:

Option 1:  Provide us with the name of a buyer who has need for my type of help.  I seek the buyer out and close the business.  I’ll pay you 5 to 10 percent of that project fee.

Option 2:  Introduce me to the buyer, whom I pursue and close the business, and I will pay you 10 to 15 percent of the project fee.

Option 3:  Introduce me to the buyer whom you have a strong trust relationship that I’m hired on your endorsement, and I will pay you 15 to 20 percent of the project fee.


Who is right for the Referral Partner Program?

  • Colleagues | Friends of The Sales Coaching Group
  • Business consultants | Strategic Partners
  • Independent Marketing Representatives
  • Other businesses
  • Full-Time Marketing Rep (Positions available – See Bruce)
  • Solution providers

Become a partner today and enjoy:

  • Referral fees of up to 20%
  • No financial investment or program fees
  • Short sales cycle on in-demand products
  • Customizable marketing resources
  • Pre-sales, post-sales, billing and customer support
  • Scripts for communicating solutions

Recommend our solutions to your network and let us do the rest!  We just ask for the introduction!

More Information

Read our Referral Partner Program Overview for more information.


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