Great SALES leadership skills take time to develop. Whether you’ve been working as a manager for years or you’ve recently landed your first job, it’s important to hone your leadership skills as quickly as possible. Developing these skills helps you interact better with your staff members, but it also helps you advance in your career as a sales manager.


One of the first things you can do is work on your listening skills. Do you tend to speak before another person has finished conveying information? Do you tend to ignore suggestions from your staff members? Do you feel like the opinions of other people don’t truly matter? While many managers understand the value of properly sharing information, not everyone knows what it takes to be a good listener.

Consider taking a moment to pause before you respond to something another person has said. Before you rush to say “no,” ask yourself if there’s any real reason you should deny the request. You should also try to let each person finish speaking before you interrupt with your own opinion. Remember that the opinions of your staff members are valuable and often quite helpful. When you begin to truly listen to your team, you might discover that you’re becoming a better leader and a stronger sales manager.


As a manager, it’s your job to ensure that both your customers and your team members have a positive experience. While you can’t always make every single person happy, you can take necessary action to ensure that the people around you are as comfortable as possible. Ask yourself, “What can I do today to enhance someone’s experience?” Can you brighten up the team’s break room with some decor or plants? Can you bring in snacks for your team? Can you help a customer find something they’re looking for? Can you help someone navigate the store when they’re confused? Try to always look for at least one or two ways you can help make someone’s day better. Not only will they feel more comfortable around you, but they’ll have a more positive image about your business.


Unfortunately, even good leaders can’t do everything alone. Part of developing your leadership skills means knowing when you need to pass on a task to someone else. While this isn’t always fun, it is necessary.

As you learn how to delegate tasks to different members, you’ll need to work on your personal communication skills. For example, a good leader isn’t going to ask an employee to complete a stack of paperwork with 10 minutes left before work ends. A good leader will give it to the employee at the beginning of the day. Similarly, a good leader isn’t going to yell or scream when an employee needs a bit of help completing a task that was assigned to them. A good leader will help when he or she can.

While you should absolutely assign tasks to your team, never expect them to perform these duties alone. Instead, remain close by so you can help them when they need your assistance.





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