The lifeblood of any organization is a highly disciplined sales professional. The role of sales in America today has changing dramatically and those organizations focusing on training, processes, and the development of great sales leaders are dominating their competitors. What would happen if your top sales people had a 5% improvement? Athletes practice. Public speakers practice. Weekend warrior golfers practice. So why don’t most business owners, leaders, and sales professionals train and practice? Repetition and discipline are the true keys to developing new business! Ben Hogan once said, “if you miss one day of practice it will take 2 days to make it up”. Not only did Hogan understand the game of golf, he understood what it takes to be great. Hogan not only realized the importance of practice within the game, but within our walk of life. But what did Hogan know about business? Join us as Bruce delivers a “playbook” on how to meet and exceed your business development objectives in 2015!

Bruce Riggs is a mentor and coach, in every sense. He believes everyone is capable of achieving great personal success. A trained sales leader with over 60,000 hours of relevant experience, he is the author of several books including the popular series “I Didn’t Sign Up..” Fascinated by individuals who achieve at the highest levels, he has discovered that most have similar patterns about how they operate, think and act regardless the environment. Bruce is the founder and president of PerformOne Training Group™ and The Sales Coaching Group™. A diverse and highly successful background in sales and executive leadership in companies ranging in size from start-up to the Fortune 100 level, he brings a unique perspective to clients. Bruce’s innovative views has earned him invitations to speak with an array of leaders including corporations, entrepreneurs, military and government organizations.

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