Our capability is built on the foundation of our thinking. The greatest achievers were always the greatest thinkers. Not only did they have a dream, an idea, or an inspiration, but they believed that those dreams would become reality. They created actions and a determination that took them farther than raw talent ever could.

You see, the mind is a powerful tool, and from the mind streams our future successes and failures. What we are able to achieve and overcome due to our thinking will always overpower our innate “ability.” But think about it: what is talent? Is it ability, capability, the willingness to achieve, or the raw innate God-given gifts that we might possess? OR is talent the ability we create based on how good we believe we can be? Yes, our thinking will always trump our talent, but isn’t it our thinking that actually creates our talent? We are good because we believe we are good…(That’s for you to decide.) Either way, mental focus becomes the foundation of what we are capable of achieving. We simply “build” on our thinking and create the “attitude” of our everyday life.

Our thinking determines our attitude, which determines our actions. It might not be what we are “able” to do now, but creates the belief of what we are “capable” of achieving tomorrow. Simply put, mentality (our attitude) always trumps talent.

The ones that become the best first believed they were the best. Believing is creating a determination that says you will not stop until you reach your goal. Those who are determined to succeed and to achieve will always reach what they believe they can become. Not because they first had the talent, but because they created the belief of what they were capable of achieving, which then created the confidence and determination to pursue that belief. Some where along the way they found the “talent” to achieve it.

All the talent in the world cannot trump a determined man, but his mind can defeat him in an instant. Those that believe in their capability will soon discover their ability along the way.

Mentality determines your destiny. Where are you headed today?

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About Bruce: Bruce serves as an executive sales coach and marketing professional located in Tulsa, OK.   If your sales force or business is lacking the skills necessary to compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace – Bruce brings nearly 60,000 hours of practical sales experience and is well known for his results.  Bruce also is the author of the popular, “I Didn’t Sign Up…” series.  

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