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PerformOne Marketing is a leading provider for small-mid size business, professional office owners and consultant marketers. We support marketers all across the country to make more informed decisions, develop professionally, connect to others and open new business opportunities. Our services enable marketers to maximize business performance. PerformOne.

Exec. Sales Coaching

All PerformOne Sales Training is powered by The Sales Coaching Group™.  With nearly 3 decades as a professional business development leader and executive coach, Bruce brings relevant training and coaching experiences that get immediate results.  Develop systems that produce consistency and the ability to forecast.  Customized solutions for each client.

Leadership Mentoring

Few would argue that people are an organization’s most valuable asset. Do you want better quality, faster response time, higher productivity, greater sensitivity to customers, improved profitability? People make these happen.  PerformOne delivers a complete curriculum to develop highly effective sales, marketing and customer service leaders.

Career Development Coaching

Do you have your dream job?   Are you staying relevant with your skills?  We support sales and marketing professionals as you navigate throughout your career. Beginning with identifying training needs and developing leadership skills, selecting a career path, and developing a strong plan to achieve your dream job goals.

“Bruce was the guest speaker for our event and did a phenomenal job speaking on the topic of the sales profession’s nobility and the discipline needed to be successful in our field. After seeing his presentation and reading his book, it was obvious that Bruce could help us take our sales organization to the next level”.

Kyle G, Transportation Industry, Tulsa,OK

Creating a Great Sales Organization

Achieving Sales Excellence™ (Certification Course)

“I Didn’t Sign Up To Be In Sales”

#1 Most Requested Sales Coaching/Training Course

Track 1:  Sales Leadership 101 **NEW** –  emerging sales leaders training course

Track 2:  Sales Mastery Program – field sales professionals

Track 3: Professional Office Owners and Consultants –  sales coaching for small business owners and consultants


Are you a sales professional looking for a serious breakthrough? Are you ranked in the Top 5% of your peers? Do you3 Ring Binder P1 Cover want to make more money and have more satisfaction with your career? PerformOne Sales Training is powered by The Sales Coaching Group™. With nearly 3 decades as a professional business development leader and executive coach, Bruce brings 60,000 hours of relevant training and coaching experiences that get immediate results and breakthroughs. Register today to become one of the top sales professionals in America!

“Bruce’s Sales Mastery Course changed my entire sales career and my bank account. He is a proven resource in the sales world and will work hard to guarantee the success of his students. Bottom line, this is the best sales course that I’ve invested including the Fortune 500 medical company I currently serve…” – Kellen L, Tulsa, OK

Delivery Options:

  • On-site Class Room Sales Training (Certification)
  • E-Learning Training (Certification) (12 hrs Live Video!)
  • 1-on-1 Sales Coaching (Certification)
  • WEBINAR AVAILABLE (1-2 hrs Weekly)

“Bruce has twice lead training series on both sales and marketing for our members. The reviews from our members have been outstanding.  His years of experience working with all various sizes of companies give him such credibility as a speaker.  His presentations are packed with useful information that businesses could walk away and immediately apply to their business. His friendly style makes him very approachable and enjoyable to listen to. It is a true pleasure to work with Bruce.”      S. Wilt, CEO

PerformOne Marketing System™

Professional Office Owners and Small Business“I Didn’t Sign Up To Be In Marketing”

The System of the Top 5% Sales Organizations


usiness owners understand that a high-octane sales (marketing) engine is necessary to compete in today’s market place.  New strategic marketing processes and automation has introduced a unique approach to sales and marketing and has unleashed more successful outcomes for small business owners.  This course will introduce over a 100 powerful, guerrilla style concepts that will leave your competitors guessing. image004

“Bruce has helped me achieve a disciplined organized approach to my business development that has produced consistent results.  His funnel management  and process techniques alone have greatly improved our ability to forecast and hit our sales numbers..” – Mike Patterson

Delivery Options:

  • On-site Class Room Sales Training (Certification)
  • E-Learning Training (Certification) (12 hrs Live Video!)
  • 1-on-1  Coaching (Certification)
  • WEBINAR AVAILABLE (1-2 hrs Weekly)

“Bruce Riggs is a natural born leader and an extraordinary salesperson. He’s very detailed oriented, customer focused, personable, and very intelligent. Bruce is a firm believer in following process and earning the right with his customers.  His motivation, enthusiasm, and dedication make him a highly sought after coach…” –  Derek, G. Vice President of Sales at Consensys Imaging Service, INC

PerformOne Sales & Marketing Makeover Course

Small-Mid Business, Professionals, and Consultants | “I Didn’t Sign Up To Be a Business Failure”

Would you like to know how to achieve a 31% increase in business this year?Would you like to develop a clearly defined step-by-step plan to dramatically improve your businesses sales and marketing results?ringspiralbinderWith over 60,000 hrs of experience – Bruce will guide you through a proven set of coaching steps that will have a dramatic and immediate impact on your business.Each week you will work 1-on-1 with an executive coach that will guide you through a highly effective 13- Module Sales & Marketing Makeover system.What will I get out of this program?

  • Powerful 13-Module breakthrough strategies
  • Processes to develop consistency, clarity, and focus.
  • Complete social media review & strategy
  • Learn how to automate your marketing and develop more effective content
  • Develop powerful competitive advantages and Unique Selling Position
  • Learn to leverage Core Marketing Story and Insight strategies
  • Master the mental game
  • Learn powerful MBA strategies to sales & marketing
  • Eliminate the top mistakes of average companies
  • You’ll learn how to become a credible authority in your industry by either writing a book, white paper, learning how to become a part of a case study or getting positive press in your field.

This course is based on Bruce’s book – “I Didn’t Sign Up to Be a Business Failure”. The course is highly interactive and part of The Sales Coaching Group’s “flagship” curriculum. Please contact Bruce Riggs: or 918 706-1992 for 1-on-1 qualification interview. Limited offering.

“Bruce is an exceptional coach, teacher and person. He’s a motivational leader who’s information is timely. His dynamic approach and personality make it easy to jump on board with the points he’s communicating. I would recommend Bruce wholeheartedly!”   K. Varden, CEO

Do You Have The Job You Deserve?

How To Course: 10 offers in 90 days! |“I Didn’t Sign Up For This Dead End Job”


re you in a dead end unfulfilling job? Finding a job can be a gut wrenching experience. Finding a job that you truly love can be even more difficult. This “How to Book and curriculum is dedicated to those unemployed, underemployed, or those who just simply hate their dead end job. We can help..jobyoudeserve

“Bruce’s coaching changed my career dramatically. I am 10 years ahead of where I should be..His disciplined approach to career planning and development all but guarantee the success of his students. If you are searching for your next great career position – Bruce is the coach who can help you get it! I know he has helped 100′s of Exec. professionals throughout his career” -Bryan S, Captain USAF
In 1984, I enlisted in the US Air Force and served approximately 4 years on active duty and three years as a United States Air Force reservist. In 1991, I was honorably discharged after seven memorable years. The problem – I had no idea what I was going to do next. I had actually worked in a couple dead end jobs during those years while serving in the reserves and when the final separation occurred – I was lost. I had no idea how to access the professional job market…

“Bruce is a loyal advocate, teacher, and friend. He is the first “boss” that has actually cared about my development, my family, and what I would like to accomplish in my career. I would be much further along if I was provided the opportunity to work with him early in my career.”

PerformOne Business Breakthrough [Webinars]

Small-Mid Size Companies Sales | Marketing | Strategic Planning

Many of America’s best business owners are growing their companies year after year. Top business performers know you only stay on top by making continuous improvement a part of
your process. We talk a lot about process and a lot about trust because trust is the foundation upon which successful business is built. The behaviors and activities that build trust are also a process, and a process is something that can be taught and duplicated over and over again.Whether you are an owner-operator working out of your home office, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, PerformOne can help you identify and improve in the key areas of your business development systems. Our 12-module program is delivered live, and through on-line technologies. This allows us to partner and make significant breakthroughs efficiently and with little expense. Performance Super Charge Your Business – Register today!

Delivery Options:

  • 4- Hour Business Breakthrough Workshop

“Bruce continues to provide powerful coaching and sales development training  for our organization.  Our business has achieved double digit growth for the first time in 5 years!  Highly recommend Bruce and The Sales Coaching Group.” G. Posdal, CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deliver training?

Delivery Options:

On-site Class Room Sales Training (Certification)
E-Learning Training (Certification) (12 hrs Live Video!)
1-on-1  Coaching (Certification)
WEBINAR AVAILABLE (1-2 hrs Weekly)

What is your refund policy?

If PerformOne Training or The Sales Coaching Group does not meet or exceed your expectations – we will pay for your training.  We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our training, then simply inform us and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not  enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.

What qualifies Bruce to train/teach and coach?

Bottom line:  we only teach best practices and training curriculum that we use in our own business.  If it has not worked for us – we will not teach it.  Bruce has 65000 hrs of experience selling, managing sales and marketing professionals, and building multiple successful companies.


B.S.OrganizationalDevelopment                                                                                                                                                                 MBA Accounting

I have a unique skill set offering including experience based sales training, marketing automation strategies, and strategic planning including tax.  I am extremely grateful for the early experience serving in the United States Air Force.

These early experiences taught me to communicate and connect with audiences and to become an effective teacher, and mentor for those looking to maximize their leadership performance!

I have an MBA in accounting – and attended post-graduate courses at Carnegie Mellon University.

My experience includes 65,000 hrs as a business development leader, former North American sales manager, 3 times Salesman of the Year,  3 times Airman of the Quarter United States Air Force, Nominated for AFB Airman of the Year. (leadership training via military experience)

How do you deliver the on-line training?

PerformOne Members Hub

PerformOne Hub is a learning management system and private membership site for sales professionals and sales managers. Every month PerformOne Training | The Sales Coaching Group releases new video modules that salespeople and sales managers can view, as well as worksheets that allow you to immediately execute the new ideas that you have learned.

Who is Bruce Riggs?

I have been married to my wife, Tobi, since 1985. We have three children who serve as a teacher, physical therapist and our youngest in medical school. We also have two grandchildren that we are crazy about.  (Just ask me about em!)  We live in the Owasso, OK area.  My interests include reading, especially history, military history, science, and business. I love writing, running, and movies and serving in our local church.

Other than that – I love to teach!  I serve as the lead instructor/founder of PerformOne Training and The Sales Coaching Group.  I serve as a Master Adjunct Professor and speak on the subjects of Sales, Marketing & Leadership Development.  I have currently published 5 books.  “I Didn’t Sign Up..”  (4 in series), and “Coaching The Super 5%”.

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