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Are your sales and marketing teams producing enough prospective customers?

Are you converting leads and closing sales? Are your customer’s loyal and coming back for more? Don’t let your sales and marketing slow you down. Now you can spend less time managing your business and more time growing it with a sales and marketing solution that is process oriented and automated. How? New robust technologies and best practices. Learn from a former North American Sales Manager who consistently produces results and has coached some of the nations best sales professionals. Capture leads, follow up with your list and sell your products and services and do it all automatically. See how it works and be prepared to grow a new prospect list by 1000%! We can teach you how. Contact us today and learn how to compete and win against your chief competitors. Register for a demo below:


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Convert leads. Grow sales. Save time. Automatically.

Ask me how we helped other small business owners increase their prospects by over a 1000%
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G. Bruce Riggs

Bruce is an acclaimed teacher, speaker, author and business growth expert. He teaches sales organizations, SME's (small-mid enterprise) to more effectively market and sell their product and services. He has an extensive background and education in sales and executive sales leadership in companies ranging in size from start-up to the Fortune 100 level. He has clocked 60,000 hours of relevant field experience and developed a robust set of tools and resources to help small businesses and sales professionals compete and win. Bruce earned a BS and MBA. He completed post academic work in Management Leadership Research at the renowned Tepper School of Business (Carnegie Mellon University), and serves as a master adjunct professor. Published: Author of the fast growing series.."I Didn't Sign Up.." including, "I Didn't Sign Up To Be In Sales," (2012) I Didn't Sign Up To Be In Marketing," (2013) I Didn't Sign Up To Be a Business Failure," (2014) and “I Didn't Sign Up For This Dead End Job” (2014) and "Coaching The Super 5%" (2016)."

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