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P1SAL30DAY 30-Day Sales Bootcamp Receive a Sales Mastery Lesson everyday for 30-days. E-Learning Training  (Membership Site) $147.00
P1ASE100 Achieving Sales Excellence Intense 4-hr bootcamp covering 12 Breakthrough Sales Principles LIVE WEBINAR (4 HR SALES BOOTCAMP) $399.00
P1ASE101 Competitive Advantages Bootcamp Intense 4-hour (2-Session) bootcamp to identify and learn how to communicate your companies competitive advantages LIVE WEBINAR (4 HR SALES BOOTCAMP) 2 Sessions $399.00
P1SALMC101 Sales Mastery Course Are you a sales professional looking for a serious breakthrough? Are you ranked in the Top 5% of your peers? Do you want to make more money and have more satisfaction with your career? This disciplined course is our #1 most requested sales training curriculum! On-site Class Room Sales Training (Certification)E-Learning Training (Certification) (12 hrs Live Video!)1-on-1  Coaching (Certification) LIVE WEBINAR AVAILABLE (1-2 hrs Weekly) By Proposal Only (limited availability)
P1SALMC111 Marketing Planning Bootcamp Intensive 4-hr Marketing Planning Bootcamp. 7-Steps to Growing a Highly Effective Business E-Learning Training  (Membership Site)LIVE WEBINAR (4 HR Marketing BOOTCAMP) $149.00$249.00
P1MARKT102 PerformOne Marketing System  (Process and Automation Training)  Develop a high-octane sales (marketing) engine is necessary to compete in today’s market place. Learn how to “automate” and compete. On-site Class Room Training (Certification)1-on-1  Coaching (Certification)LIVE WEBINAR AVAILABLE (1-2 hrs Weekly) By Proposal Only (limited availability)
P1MARKT103 Develop a Core Marketing Story A compelling marketing story based on power packed statements (insights) and educating your prospects will land you more appointments and more sales!  The CORE of all marketing. On-site Class Room Training (Certification)1-on-1  Coaching (Certification)LIVE WEBINAR AVAILABLE (1-2 hrs Weekly) By Proposal Only (limited availability)
P1MARKT104 Introduction to the Best Small Business Marketing Tools. This is an introduction of Marketings most powerful business development tools.  Many are FREE! 1-0n-1 Live (Go-To-Meeting) $149.00
P1MARKT105 How To Leverage On-line Marketing Strategies There is much confusion on what the on-line best practices entail.  This 2 hr webinar will address best practices and outline the top 15-20 mistakes.. 1-0n-1 Live (Go-To-Meeting) $249.00
P1MARKT106 LinkedIn Strategies   1-0n-1 Live (Go-To-Meeting)  $49.00
P1MARKT107 14 Key Tactical Marketing Strategies Develop 14 tactical  marketing strategies and understand The Marketing Prospect Life Cycle process. 1-0n-1 Live (Go-To-Meeting) $249.00
P1SALMC201 Selling for The Professional Office The Selling Professional Services Course powered by: The Sales Coaching Group is the gold standard for training the professional office and consultants. Let us help you develop skills in 12 key areas and experience significant business breakthroughs. On-site Class Room Sales Training (Certification)E-Learning Training (Certification) (12 hrs Live Video!)1-on-1  Coaching (Certification) WEBINAR AVAILABLE (1-2 hrs Weekly) By Proposal Only (limited availability)
P1SALMC202 PerformOne Sales & Marketing Makeover Course  (12 Business Breakthroughs) Would you like to know how to achieve a 33% increase in business this year?Would you like to develop a clearly defined step-by-step plan to dramatically improve your businesses sales and marketing results? This course addresses 12 Breakthrough areas. On-site Class Room Sales Training (Certification)E-Learning Training (Certification) (12 hrs Live Video!)1-on-1  Coaching (Certification) WEBINAR AVAILABLE (1-2 hrs Weekly) By Proposal Only (limited availability)
P1SALMC203 I Didn’t Sign Up For This Dead End Job  (The Job You Deserve) Are you in a dead end unfulfilling job? Finding a job can be a gut wrenching experience. Finding a job that you truly love can be even more difficult. This “How to curriculum is dedicated to those unemployed, underemployed, or those who just simply hate their dead end job and want to change.. On-site Class Room Sales Training (Certification)E-Learning Training (Certification) (12 hrs Live Video!)1-on-1  Coaching (Certification) WEBINAR AVAILABLE (1-2 hrs Weekly) By Proposal Only (limited availability)
P1PLAN100 9-Steps Developing a Great Sales Organization 9 Specific Steps to develop a High Performance Sales Organization On-site CoachingLIVE WEBINAR AVAILABLE ( 2 hrs Weekly) TBD
P1PLAN101 Strategic Planning Retreat This is an intense off-site strategic planning session that produces specific objectives and key performance indicators for all key leaders. On-site Strategic Planning Session with Leaders1-on-1  Coaching (Certification)WEBINAR AVAILABLE (1-2 hrs Weekly) By Proposal Only (limited availability)
P1PLAN102 Assessing The Organization for High Performance A 9 Module Course Assessing Your Organization for a Top Performance Orientation On-site Consulting/Coaching $7,500 -$25,000
P1PLAN103 Strategy For Performance It is becoming more and more difficult for organizations to survive in today’s world: 40% of all new businesses fail by the end of the first year; only 12% survive five years; and 2 to 3% survive 10 years. Identify specific strategies to thrive! WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1PLAN104 Analyze Your Business Environment Review current market conditions and key competitors.Identify key customer, key stakeholders and their expectations. Evaluate current market conditions affecting your organization.Review the strengths and weaknesses of key competitors. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1PLAN105 Forecasting The Future Identify assumptions about the future environment of the organization. Reduce this list into the big hitters, that define your future business situation. Evaluate the impact of the big hitters on your organization.Determine how your organization might respond to each of these assumptions.Identify alternative future business situations.Conduct a SWOT analysis to prepare to effectively manage the future business situation. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1PLAN106 Creating a Core Ideology Understand the role of a core ideology in your organization’s success.Learn about the ideologies of some of the most successful companies.Explore the legacy of your organization.Define your organization’s mission.Analyze the beliefs that have created your culture.Reach a consensus on your guiding principles. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1PLAN107 Defining Your Strategic Direction Understand the primary questions that must be answered to establish strategic direction.Clarify a vision of your organization five years in the future. Identify the characteristics of your current customers and the deliverables you provide them.Describe your future customers and how your deliverables and products or services may change to meet their needs. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1PLAN108 Defining Your Competitive Advantages Understand customers’ perception of value as the foundation of differentiation.Create a long-term business focus.Identify competitive differentiators within your industry. Do a competitive analysis against the competitive differentiators.Select competitive anchors that distinguish you from your competitors, and competitive necessities that define the which areas in which you must keep up.Develop a value position. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1PLAN109 Setting Goals Identify the difference between dreams and well-stated goals.Strategically plan and tactically execute goal processes.Create specific goals,stating them in measurable,action-oriented terms. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1PLAN110 Creating a Master Plan Understand the importance of an integrated master plan for managing your organization.Select a number of critical success factors for your organization.Identify major performance initiatives to implement your ideal vision. Fill out a performance initiatives matrix showing the relationship between your critical success factors and performance initiatives. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALMC204 Great BY Choice Understanding the nobility of what you do has a major performance impact.  Fanatical discipline is also a key indicator. Choose to be great.. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALMC207 Planning For Professional Sales Leaders This is the MBA of sales.  Master the Pareto principle and analyzing sales territories. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALMC208 The Business Interview and Presentation Skills Learn how to ask great consultative questions.Construct partnership presentations that involve your customers.Identify and evaluate the elements of an effective presentation. Plan for the logistics of a presentation. Conduct a presentation with appropriate benefit statements to meet the prospect’s needs.Understand obtaining and using proofs and other materials to back up your presentation. Design and practice the presentation using literature, visual aids, and support material.Make a confident and persuasive presentation that will close the sale. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALMC209 The Power of Our Thinking Mastery does not happen by accident. It is a process that occurs as we interact effectively with the events and circumstances of our lives. Each moment of our lives provides an opportunity to practice mastery by expanding our visions, awakening the faculties of our minds and our hearts, and assuming full responsibility for living, growing and con tributing. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALMC211 Time Management for The Sales Professional Effective time management is essential to success. The most successful organizations in  the 21st century require employees who are effective time managers, and know how to set and reach goals based on the organization’s vision and values. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALMC212 Developing a Unique Selling Position Learn how to effectively, powerfully leverage your unique competitive advantages. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1EmoIntel101 The Integrity Model The Integrity Model: A paradigm of personal effectiveness that defines success as what happens within you rather than what happens to you. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1EmoIntel102 Conquer Your Key Moments Conquer Your Key Moments: Learn how to conquer and transcend the challenges of life by changing your thinking, feelings, and behavior. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1EmoIntel103 Embrace Reality Embrace Reality: Discover power and fulfillment as you stop wasting time resenting, complaining, wishing and blaming but rather keep your focus on what you can control. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1EmoIntel104 Exercise Responsibility Exercise Responsibility: See how your success and quality of life come from choices you make and learn to act rather than react to the events of your life. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1EmoIntel105 Clarify Your Vision Clarify Your Vision: Know what you want and the steps that you must take to achieve it. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1EmoIntel106 Define Your Purpose Define Your Purpose: Decide what your life is about and those principles by which you will govern yourself. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1EmoIntel107 Act With Integrity Act With Integrity: Translate your purpose and vision into reality and make your day-to-day actions consistent with what is most important. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1EmoIntel108 Value Who You Are Value Who You Are: Make a decision to care for yourself, accept your weaknesses, and acknowledge and build upon your strengths. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Trust101 The Trust Formula Dramatically increase your effectiveness with others as you learn the principles and skills of trust and interpersonal dialogue. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Trust102 The Trust Imperative When trust is absent, relationships are characterized by an adversarial attitude: me vs. you; us vs. them. Rather than goodwill, there are deep and hidden animosities. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Trust103 Collusion Respect is lost and our performance is com promised as our energies go into manipulation and protection rather than working together towards a shared vision. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Trust104 Face-To-Face Communication The most successful organizations of the 21st century will be those that know how to create a climate of trust and goodwill among their employees. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Trust105 Core Principles This course works toward establish your companies/individuals core principles. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Trust106 Harnessing Bad Behavior Learn how to redirect and establish long-term collaborative relationships. This training comes alive as we look at several case studies. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Trust107 Strengthen Relationships In this course you will learn how to interact with others in ways that build trust and win-win outcomes. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALTEAMS101 Basic Communication Learn how people’s perceptions and viewpoints differ.Learn the basics of face-to-face communication.Analyze the difference between one-way and two-way communication.Understand the skill of listening.Improve active listening skills. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALTEAMS102 Giving & Receiving Feedback Learn what feedback is.Discover how open or closed you are to giving and receiving feedback. Learn to give effective feedback to others.Learn how to receive live feedback from others.Practice giving and receiving live feedback from team members. Make a personal improvement plan to respond to team feedback. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALTEAMS103 Group Dynamics We all depend on each other. Everything we accomplish within an organization is through the efforts of people working together. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALTEAMS104 Decision Making Discuss barriers to group decision-making. Learn about methods of group decision-making.Identify how your team will improve its group decision-making. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALTEAMS105 Problem Solving Learn the challenges of group problem solving.Gain a working definition of problem solving.Create a model for group problem solving and how to use it.Learn how to do creative brainstorming.Learn how to use cause and effect diagrams to analyze problems.Analyze how well your team is set up for effective problem solving. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1SALTEAMS106 Conflict Resolution Learn a definition of unhealthy conflict and how to keep from crossing over into it.Learn about five different conflict management styles.Use a model to help choose a response to potential conflict situations.Assess which conflict styles you most often use.Practice a Three-Step Model for resolving conflict.Decide how you want to modify your conflict style and how you will better handle your current conflicts. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Leadership101 Principles of Leadership Leadership is a rich and meaningful word. It stirs up a sense of idealism, excitement, hope and courage. It is a word that inspires us to be our best, a word that we associate with those who have made the greatest difference in our lives. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Leadership102 Empowerment Empowering leaders have a driving passion to realize their vision.Empowering leaders build and sustain trust with their followers.Empowering leaders unleash the commitment and motivation of their followers.Empowering leaders are social and organizational architects. Empowering leaders act from positive beliefs about people and situations. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Leadership103 Five Leadership Roles Examine the three core elements of team effectiveness.Learn the five roles of leadership.Discover the appropriate balance among the five roles. Understand how to lead “from the balcony.”Learn how to use a set of diagnostic questions to lead “from the balcony.” WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Leadership104 Personal Productivity In today’s changing economy, those who are able to determine what is important, prioritize their activities and set and reach goals in their personal and organizational lives, will make the biggest impact. WEBINAR Course $29.00
P1Leadership105 Best Practices for Hiring Great Sales People Learn 12 key steps in hiring “A” player sales professionals.  Understand the importance of discipline and conformity in building high performance. 1-0n-1 Live (Go-To-Meeting) $29.00
P1Leadership106 Leadership Practices Understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.Assess yourself in the five leadership roles.Know how you are viewed by others in your organization. Develop personal improvement plans.   $29.00
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