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Business Breakthrough Coaching

Competing to Win

“Bruce Riggs has been my friend, mentor and business colleague for over 11 yrs. I had the pleasure of working for Bruce at Bayer Healthcare . I immediately respected him for his positive approach to leadership and his collaboration with his team to find win-win solutions for our customers within the financial objectives of the company. Bruce showed me the power of being disciplined to proven processes that can drive consistent repeatable results. He invests time and energy into his people and celebrates their successes. I continue to rely on Bruce’s advice and mentorship as I continue to progress in my career. His loyal friendship has been and continues to be invaluable to me.”  Jay Heimsoth, Houston, Texas


Laying the foundation for tomorrow’s success while competing to win today

How much would your bottom line increase if you developed a clear vision and fanatical focus on growing your business? Are the efforts of your staff aligned with the vision and direction of your business?ringspiralbinder

Most organizations face stiff challenges in today’s marketplace. Changing demographics, new technologies, aggressive competition and sophisticated consumers demand that organizations change the way they do business or face extinction.

Too many organizations respond to these challenges by trying to do what they have done in the past. Those that thrive welcome change and renew themselves by aligning with current and future realities.[ois skin=”Business Coaching”]

Core Strategic Decisions:

Strategy is defined as the way an organization meets the challenges and opportunities presented by its environment. It consists of a set of conscious choices about how it will deliver value to its customers and distinguish itself from its competitors.

Business Coaching will help you:

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities present in your external and internal environment.
  • Identify assumptions about the future.
  • Clarify a reason for being that motivates and inspires.
  • Identify the principles by which people will conduct themselves.
  • Define your future customers and how you will deliver value to them.
  • Identify core organizational competencies needed to succeed in the long run.
  • Create a long-term business focus that anchors and distinguishes you from your competitors.
  • Set short-term performance goals.
  • Establish performance initiatives and a master plan to manage your organization’s long-term development.

An Imperative

Formulating a clear and compelling business strategy is one of the most important tasks that leaders of an organization can accomplish. It is not something that would be nice to do when they have more time, it is essential to survival.


  • Great By Choice
  • Trust
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Hiring To Win
  • Developing your Super 100 Client List
  • Sales Process
  • Marketing Automation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategic Planning Best Practices for Breakthrough Results

“Bruce helped us grow our prospective customer base by nearly 400%. His business development processes and coaching is the best thing we have implemented at our business….We definitely had a breakthrough.”
“Bruce has first-rate business assessment skills and excels at providing effective tactical solutions. Bruce is a very effective sales trainer and people manager, capable of improving the performance of sales personnel at all skill levels.”
” Your presentation today was definitely encouraging and inspiring, and it is nice to hear about things like servant leadership in a business setting, and not just a religious environment! Blessings to you and your family!”
“Bruce Riggs is a natural born leader and an extraordinary salesperson. He’s very detailed oriented, customer focused, personable, and very intelligent. Bruce is a firm believer in following the sales process and earning the right with his customers. This has made him very successful in his career. His motivation, enthusiasm, and dedication are second to none. I’d recommend any sales professional to learn from Bruce, he has a lot to offer!”
“Bruce is an exceptional coach, teacher and person. He’s a motivational leader who’s information is timely. His dynamic approach and personality make it easy to jump on board with the points he’s communicating. I would recommend Bruce wholeheartedly!”
“Bruce is the consummate sales professional. He brings his vast knowledge and cutting edge techniques to our business students on a regular basis. He is an outstanding executive and I’m happy recommend the work that he has done for the university.”

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