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Your attitude is something that you choose at every moment. Even when your circumstances are not ideal, you can choose how to respond to what’s going on around you. In most cases, what is happening, good or bad, involves some sort of change. Change comes in many forms.


Recognized speaker and teacher, Bruce has 3 decades as a professional business development leader and executive coach.


Meet Bruce Riggs with 3 decades as a professional business development leader and executive coach.


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A company’s long term competitive advantage is great employee leaders.


Meet Bruce Riggs with 3 decades as a professional business development leader and executive coach.


Leading consultancy & coaching firm for local and global talent management.

“Bruce will coach your team and key  leadership to more effectively contribute and attract new customers, win more opportunities and make the customers you have more valuable!”- Greg P, Chicago, IL

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I Still Believe in America…

I still believe in America ... Creating a business in America is still a great plan! Much has been said about the state of business in the USA. Those most deeply embedded in US businesses are reliable sources of the true status of why the USA is still the best place...

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A Lesson from Jordan -Bad Things Do Happen!

How To Recover From a Crushing Defeat One thing that everyone has to deal with is change. Change constantly occurs, whether we like it or not. All we can do is try to direct change in a way that’s favorable. Yet, even this is not always possible. So, no matter how...

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Unleash The Power of Change (Part II)

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable This gets back to the point that humans tend to resist change. There are certain ways that you can make yourself more open to changes. If you deliberately take steps to do things differently in your everyday life, you'll find it...

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Unleash The Power of Change (Part 1)

Why You Need to Embrace Change The ability to adapt and respond to change is getting more and more important. As technology and other aspects of society move at an ever accelerating rate, you can easily get left behind if you resist change. In this article, we'll be...

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Do You Like To Practice?

Do you like to practice?   I have marveled at the seemingly supernatural skills of athletes like Michael Jordan, Brett Favre, and Larry Bird. Each was an incredibly gifted athlete, but the players that I am in awe of the most are guys like “Pistol Pete” Maravich. Why?...

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“I Didn’t Sign Up To Be in Sales”

Great salespeople are your #1 competitive advantage.  It's surprising how many people in business say “I didn’t sign up to be in sales” or worse “I hate selling”. Such business owners have the idea that as long as they put out a good product or service, customers...

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“…one of America’s Top Executive Sales Coaches.”

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Our Story

Bruce is a business coach focusing on helping organizations and executives maximize their potential.  He is passionate about helping clients achieve clarity in their businesses.

Bruce Is an Air Force Veteran, Former North American Sales Director, Business Owner/Consultant.

Recognizing that many people lack good information and coaching to achieve great outcomes, he has made it his mission to help educate and coach those in need.  Bruce has an MBA and nearly 60,000 hours of experience in Organizational Development and Training.

Take Control of Your Organizational Development & Training

  • Executive Coaching / Training 75%
  • Career Coaching 50%
  • Strategic Planning 35%
  • Marketing Automation 25%

What are clients saying…?

“Bruce continues to provide powerful coaching and sales development training  for our organization.  Our business has achieved double digit growth for the first time in 5 years!  Highly recommend Bruce and The Sales Coaching Group.”

“Bruce has helped me achieve a disciplined organized approach to my business development that has produced consistent results.  His funnel management  and process techniques alone have greatly improved our ability to forecast and hit our sales numbers..”

“Bruce Riggs is a natural born leader and an extraordinary salesperson. He’s very detailed oriented, customer focused, personable, and very intelligent. Bruce is a firm believer in following the sales process and earning the right with his customers. This has made him very successful in his career. His motivation, enthusiasm, and dedication are second to none. I’d recommend any sales professional to learn from Bruce, he has a lot to offer!”

“Bruce is an exceptional coach, teacher and person. He’s a motivational leader who’s information is timely. His dynamic approach and personality make it easy to jump on board with the points he’s communicating. I would recommend Bruce wholeheartedly!”

“Bruce is a loyal advocate, teacher, and friend. He is the first “boss” that has actually cared about my development, my family, and what I would like to accomplish in my career. I would be much further along if I was provided the opportunity to work with him early in my career.”

“Bruce is the consummate sales professional and coach. He brings his vast knowledge and cutting edge training techniques to our employees on a regular basis. He is an outstanding executive and I’m happy recommend the work that he has done for our company.”

“Bruce has twice lead training series on both sales and marketing for our members. The reviews from our members have been outstanding.  His years of experience working with all various sizes of companies give him such credibility as a speaker.  His presentations are packed with useful information that businesses could walk away and immediately apply to their business. His friendly style makes him very approachable and enjoyable to listen to. It is a true pleasure to work with Bruce.”

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