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Welcome to PerformOne Training & The Sales Coaching Group.

We help businesses grow sales, develop leaders and maximize the employee investment by outsourcing your sales leadership, training & development to experienced VPs of Sales. We take on all the work involved with running your sales team, including hiring, training, coaching, running weekly sales meetings, creating a compensation plan, setting metrics and holding the team accountable.   We also help with leadership development, coaching the coach, and strategic planning.  Training options:

  • Workshops & Seminars

  • Retreats & Intensive Bootcamps

  • 1-on-1 Coaching & Mentoring

  • Contract VP of Sales

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After months of weekly training with our team, we realized in a powerful way the value of on going sales coaching. Bruce is a master at communication both verbally and in writing. - T. Jones, CEO

Bruce's years of experience working with all various sizes of companies give him such credibility. His presentations are packed with useful information that businesses could walk away and immediately apply to their business. - S. Wilt, CEO

PerformOne Academy

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Our agency has had a great relationship with Bruce for several years. I am pleased to say he is considered ‘one of the team’. His understanding and unique perspectives on sales management, client intimacy, and leadership development have added to the value of our organization. – M. Kochner, CEO

What Drives Your Performance?

Have you experienced significant changes in your relationships, businesses, and opportunities recently?  I am reminded that there are two types of people.   Those who fear walking through a new “door” or those who see new “doors” as challenges.  Some see change as chaos and some see change as opportunities to grow.

10 Steps to Getting Your Career Going!

Are you satisfied with where you are professionally? Is your income level and designation at par with your long-term career goals? If not, you might be stuck in a career rut. It happens to everyone - your progress hits a plateau, and it feels like you're working hard...

How Bad Do We Want It?

Wow!  Not sure what happened but we are in the new year! It came fast – as new years always do. Looking back at 2016, most of us experienced some nice achievements and typically we all have a few regrets.  There are things left undone and we ran out of time. ...

Sales Pro Trak 3.0™

Our primary objective is to equip your sales team with real and practical skills that dramatically grows sales and can be replicated over and over. Our programs become your programs. We provide sales expertise; you enrich the program with your specific product and market expertise.  We focus on 3 critical areas; emotional intelligence, sales process and basic sales skills.  Let us help you find, win, and keep the very best customers.

It is clear that Bruce is unique.  He doesn’t read about how to do it – he has done it! – G. Posdal, CEO

Emotional Intelligence™

It’s a popular misconception that emotional intelligence is largely irrelevant in business and doesn’t equate with professional performance. However a recent study of emotional intelligence, alongside 33 other important workplace skills, found that emotional intelligence is the single strongest predictor of workplace performance, explaining a full 58% of success in all types of jobs.

Furthermore, similar studies have found that 90% of top performers are also high in emotional intelligence. On the flip side, just 20% of bottom performers are high in emotional intelligence. You can be a top performer without emotional intelligence, but the chances are slim.

Developing New High Performance Managers™

Most companies today, whether large or small, struggle with the common dilemma of how to make their organization more productive. People are your #1 competitive advantage.  Investing in their development instills high-performance behaviors that create strong highly competitive leaders who move the company forward.

Bruce Riggs has been my friend, mentor and business colleague for over 11 yrs.  I respect him for his positive approach to leadership and his collaboration with his team to find win-win solutions within the financial objectives of the company. Bruce showed me the power of being disciplined… – J. Heimsoth, Director

The Power of Trust™

We believe most successful organizations are those that know how to create a climate of trust and goodwill among their employees and customers.  This program consists of eight robust modules. The training comes alive as you participate in experiential exercises and role-playing helping you internalize the principles and skills of high achievers.

Our Story

Bruce is a sales & leadership coach focusing on helping organizations and executives maximize potential.  He is passionate about helping clients achieve clarity in their businesses.

Bruce Is an Air Force Veteran, Former North American Sales Director, Business Owner/Consultant.

Recognizing that many people lack good information and coaching to achieve great outcomes, he has made it his mission to help educate and coach those in need.  Bruce has an MBA and nearly 60,000 hours of experience in Organizational Development and Training.

Take Control of Your Organizational Development & Training

  • Executive Sales Coaching / Training 75%
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching 50%
  • Developing New Emerging Leaders and Managers 35%
  • Transition Coaching / On-boarding 25%